The Past: A Memoir

As a child, Dawoud Kodi, witnessed his dad carrying out some very strange rituals that he did not understand. He was vaguely aware that his father was suffering from some inexplicable, long-term illness, which his grandfather had previously died of.

One morning when he was only six, he was woken by his mother and told that he and his father were leaving for Egypt. He did not understand this sudden and dramatic parting from the rest of the family.

As he grew older, Dawoud became increasingly curious about his father’s rituals, his mysterious illnesses, and the reasons surrounding their sudden departure from Sudan. One day in church, prompted by the pastor, his father told the congregation a story that led Dawoud to ask him the questions that had been nagging him all his life.

This book reveals those strange rituals surrounding curses and inexplicable illnesses and deaths. It has been written to honour and thank his father for bringing the family to a safe country full of opportunities, and safe from all that he suffered