When it comes to relationships, many of us do not know what we are doing, however we learn what we can along the way. I am passionate about all things relationships–constantly seeking to understand why relationships work and how we can improve them. Taking this into account, on this blog, you can expect to learn about what good relationships entail, how to keep your relationship strong, tips on what you can do to maintain a happy and healthy relationship. I will be speaking mostly about my experience and hopefully some of you can relate. I hope you relate so that we can exchange ideas and hopefully implement those ideas in our current relationships and live happy ever after.  I shall also dig up information on relationships from various reliable sources and re-present it to YOU in a pleasing and exciting way for you to indulge in? After all, sometimes in life, we need a helping hand to grow and blossom into what God had intended for us to truly be—that is happy?

I will also voice my thoughts on topics related to cultural beliefs, practices and cultural differences, such aspects can affect your relationships in one way or the other. My culture has certainly played a huge part in my relationship. In saying that, I hope to voice my opinions on some maters which I find interest and hopefully you can relate. 

Let’s aim for an awesome (not perfect) relationship that will make others dub it perfect.