Consistent or Consistenly Inconsistent In Your Relationship

Just a quick advice

Consistency is so effective……

I woke up earlier than usual today and for some reason, I began scrolling through my messages between my miss’s and I. I noticed how consistently we messaged each other “Good morning, how is your day, good night and I love you”.  Although these are basic things, I felt cared for that she checks on my daily— this simply made me appreciate my miss’s and motivated me to do more for her.

Just few days ago I met an older coupe (married for 45 years) who seemed reasonably happy. I asked them ‘what is the secret to your long marriage’?. I remember, without hesitation, he responded, “consistency my friend….. doing the little things add up at the end of the day”. Consistency in your relationship is key. Consistency proves your commitment and your  love to your partner.

Consistency brings devotion to your relationship, so I advice you men out there to be consistent—your relationship will only flourish because of your fine acts of consistency.  Remember that everywhere your girl goes, men are there (possibly complimenting her, and doing the little thing your not doing). 

Relationships are worth fighting for If you truly love that person. Inconsistency should’nt be an option. 


D. Kodi


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  1. Great post, thanks so much for sharing what you’ve learned!! I’m only 15, and I don’t want to be in a relationship until a couple years, but your posts have been extremely helpful to me as I try to get this all figured out before I enter a relationship. Thanks again, and keep up the good work!!

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