A high vibe relationship!

Embrace your imperfections and grow stronger

I don’t know about your relationship, but I love mine. Although sometimes we fight and disagree, my relationship has plenty of high vibes and here is why!

I have been in the same relationship for eight years now and soon to be married! Upon reflection, my relationship, like most thrives on Forgiveness, trust, Friendship, patience Reciprocity, honesty and Love. I understand that each and every relationship differ, hence, I have highlighted the key elements driving and preserving my relationship, perhaps it may help in your as well?

  1. Forgiveness

In my relationship (perhaps your as well) arguments and disagreements are inevitable. If unresolved soon enough the union struggles under the weight of the burden of unforgiveness—leaving both bitter and resentment replaces fondness.  

Looking back at my early days of dating, I wasn’t really good at forgiving my partner and this made those fights and arguments so difficult to overcome. The longer I left things unresolved the more tension grew which often snowballed into bigger problems.

Learning to forgive has had a tremendous impact on my relationship, leaving it vibrant, healthy and fun to be in. life is too short to wake up angry and bitter towards the one you supposedly love, learn to forgive and enjoy life now while you can!

  • Love

Loving your spouse/girlfriend or boyfriend abundantly makes it easier to forgive them in a time of bitterness and resentment. Genuine love is an amazing thing—with such love comes trust, honesty, understanding, happiness, patience and more love.

I have decided to love my girl and embrace her imperfections at all times. This includes, randomly buying her gifts, texting her positives things expressing my love to her, and off course takin her out on dates whenever there is an opportunity to do so. Trying to spice my relationship has been the highlight of it all and this is why I am still in the same relationship many years later.

  • Friendship

Never forget that your significant other is your closest friend. Friendship and relationships are so closely linked we don’t even notice it. Hence, maintaining friendship in your relationship is paramount. The values found in friendship are honesty, trust, kindness, and loyalty. Also, friends learn from each other and often bring out the good and bad side of us without offending us. This helps couples correct each other without necessarily getting offended and this helps both grow and embrace each other’s imperfections.

  • Reciprocity

Put your pride aside and engage and participate in doing things your partner enjoys even though are uncomfortable or dislike it. This designation of equal exchange will do magical things to your relationships.

I hope you found some value in reading this and I wish you all the best in your relationship 🙂

D. Kodi

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