Do The Small Things That Will Attract Love To Your Relationship

“True love is a priceless gift”

This is it!! Write a poem for her too!

Enjoy mine to her!!!!

It was a real shocker

When I met you at the soccer

My mates didn’t believe I had a chance

So I was determined to ask you to dance

Because I knew you were the one

My heart was pounding a tone

So I gave myself a command

To do anything to win your hand

Riyan Riyan what can I do

To prove my true love to you

I am glade you can’t run

Because catching you is not easily done

having to pay that cash

Made me break out in a rash

I wish you could have been free

But paying that dowry was worth it to me

You I love to hold, you are pure gold

You fill my heart and I hope we never part



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