No matter how busy you may be, always make time for your girl—to hang, laugh and connect!

Today finding the right person to be with (for the long run) is quiet difficult. However, If you have already found the right person to be with congratulations to you—now put in the work to keep that relationship/marriage.

It is a beautiful thing to be in the love game considering how hard it is to find love. But the hardest thing is playing the love game right. In saying this, has someone ever told you about their break up story? Now I generally do not like to take sides, but often I would take the girls side just because I know how pathetic men (including myself) can be at putting in the effort—making time to connect, hang and laugh with their girl.

Just today, after cancelling out on a minor date which I had promised to take my girl on, I realised how busy I have been with other things except her. Recognise this is the person I truly claim to love, yet did not prioritise (unexplainable reason) for some time.

Some of you reading this now may not see the seriousness of this. If your girl is in a bad mood right now, take a second and think about how much time/attention you have given her lately.

I have failed to follow a principle which I have always known to be effective in keeping my relationship going strong (the past eight years).
This principle is making time for the person you are in a relationship with no matter how busy you maybe. Life throws at us various jobs, projects and other things which contribute to stress (which often is the reason were busy), but above all take the time to connect with that unique person your in love with. You do not necessarily have to spend an excessive time (although that would be nice?) with her, but prioritise her so that she knows that you still care, want her and make her feel valued. Do this and she will be glued to you for the rest of her life.

Go on now, make time for your girl and live happily ever after!!!

Best of luck


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